Solutions to your staffing issues

Agri Labour Australia understands that poultry operations are constantly subject to supply and market conditions. We know that staffing requirements can change suddenly and significantly.


通过我们大量数字和传统networks at home and overseas, we have access to a reliable transient workforce. We also specialise in sourcing permanent staff who are used to isolated locations and challenging work environments.

Away from the factory floor

We also support our poultry clients with poultry recruitment solutions at an executive level for management and client-facing roles in our permanent division.

Strategies for reliable poultry workforces


  • 我们采用针对家禽的严格招聘流程,确定候选人的技能水平和适合性。
  • We consult with poultry clients to develop results-based training programs (virtual and on-site), as well as metrics and targets to improve productivity every season.
  • We conduct on-site worker training with KPIs clearly outlined.



These roles have ranged from senior management positions to short-term labourers. Our clients’ poultry farms supply caged, barn, free range and organic eggs, and other poultry products.

We regularly source suitable candidates for the following roles:


  • 家禽服务员
  • Animal husbandry staff
  • Vaccination staff
  • Clean-out crews
  • Relocation teams
  • Egg collectors
  • Animal science graduates


  • Packing floor attendants
  • Grading floor attendants
  • QA officer
  • Hygiene staff


  • Construction labourers
  • 叉车操作员
  • Leading hands
  • Site supervisors
  • Installation labourers


  • Assistant farm managers
  • Leading hands
  • Hatchery managers
  • 饲养管理者
  • Team leaders
  • Site managers
  • Forklift drivers
  • 饲料厂经理
  • Vaccination crew managers
  • 农场经理
  • 维修技术人员
  • Mechanical maintenance positions
  • General managers
  • Grading floor managers
  • Farm hands
  • Operations managers
  • 牲畜管理者

How we find your people

Agri Labour Australia brings you innovative solutions to core staffing challenges in poultry. Our sourcing methods include specialised people streams and far-reaching digital networks.

In partnership with our clients, we build trusted advisory relationships. We listen, we question and we discuss. We take a practical, results-focused approach to adding value and fulfilling your business potential.

Reliable construction workforces when you expand

As birds are due to be housed in new sheds, we understand there can be no delay in the construction process. Projects must stay on time.

Our poultry recruitment team can provide you with a reliable construction workforce in a short timeframe to support your business during growth periods.

Addressing your top 3 staffing concerns

  1. Finding the staff you need – when you need them
    When you can’t source local staff quickly, we provide a reliable workforce for your business. Our innovative solutions and programs can help stabilise staffing issues.
  2. Reducing local staff turnover and accessing new recruitment streams
    When it’s too expensive to employ HR staff in-house, we can function as your external recruitment partner and find you the staff you need via our huge digital reach and industry connections.
  3. Dealing with recruiters who understand your industry
    Most recruitment companies or HR teams don’t have hands-on experience in the poultry industry, which can result in candidates pulling out of jobs and not fulfilling their commitment. Our recruiters have worked in the industry and we are constantly conducting site visits to better understand the reality of working conditions.



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