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Agri Labour Australia has a team on the ground in Tasmania to service our many clients and candidates seeking farm work or workers on the Apple Isle. Whether you’re looking for agricultural work yourself or you require a reliable team of farm workers for your agribusiness (casual, short-term or permanent), we can assist.


Agriculture does big business in Tasmania, which is why it’s such an important market for Agri Labour Australia. Second only to mining (and outperforming tourism), agriculture is the largest contributor to Tassie’s economy.


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Farm work Tasmania: sectors where the employment opportunities never stop


  • 水产养殖(world-renowned salmon, oysters and abalone)
  • 乳制品(特别是Tassie屡获殊荣的奶酪!)
  • 食品加工
  • Livestock
  • Poultry

These types of agriculture operations have farm work going year round – not to mention plenty of other Tasmania farm jobs that become available from time to time. It’s always worth checking Agri Labour Australia’s Facebook page or website to see what roles are on offer in Tasmania.

As well as focusing on intensive year-round agriculture clients, we are continuing to build on our stable of harvesting and packing organisations that service the fruit and vegetable industries in TAS.

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Overcoming agricultural work challenges together

As the agricultural industry in Tasmania continues to grow and thrive, these challenges won’t go away. This increasing demand highlights why Agri Labour Australia – with its experienced agriculture recruitment specialists and networks – has such a vital role to play in the industry. We are uniquely positioned to provide both reliable farm labour and tier 1 workforce advice about Fair Work compliance and safety.

We have ready-assembled small-to-large-scale workforces that we can relocate to Tasmania when demand arises to assist during the peak production periods. These teams follow the harvest calendar from warmer to cooler climates throughout the year.

Agriculture work Tasmania: when industry demand outstrips local labour supply


Agri Labour Australia’s office in Devonport allows us to partner with and support local job seekers as they find fulfilling careers in the agriculture industry. We are also able to leverage the expertise and resources of our other offices, which are located throughout mainland Australia, to source additional farm workers and other staff to meet the state’s agricultural employment requirements trough our塔斯马尼亚的劳工雇用解决方案.

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agricultural farm work in tasmania
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Committed to agricultural employment Tasmania

Investing substantial resources into building our strong presence and reputation in Tasmania will continue to be a priority for Agri Labour Australia. This will ensure we grow with the industry as a reliable and trusted workforce partner.

这样的声音ur industry are heard, Agri Labour Australia is always looking at developingnew staffing solutionsthrough migration policy, government departments and industry groups in the hope that we can move toward a more productive industry.

Agri Labour Australia is proud to specialise infarm work solutionsfor Tasmania, working closely with clients and candidates to overcome challenges and create opportunities.

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