Attracting an engaged workforce with the required skill set can be challenging in remote locations where accommodation is limited. The specialist agriculture recruiters at Agri Labour Australia are experienced at overcoming these issues to get you the people you need – when and where you need them.


  • We use rigorous recruitment processes to determine candidates’ skill level and suitability.
  • We consult with clients to develop results-based training programs (virtual and on-site), as well as metrics and targets to improve productivity every season.
  • We conduct on-site worker training with KPIs clearly outlined.

All positions, all locations

The roles we recruit for in the Storage & Handling sector range from hygiene staff through to bunker attendants and loader operators.

Common roles we fill include:

  • Hygiene staff
  • Grain handlers
  • Weighbridge and sample stand attendants
  • 地堡attendants
  • Loader operators
  • 人力资源/卡车司机
  • Bobcat operators
  • 叉车运营商
  • Leading hands
  • Site supervisors

Aligned with your timelines


Having a full roster of concurrent harvest projects allows Agri Labour Australia to retain our skilled agricultural workforces and keep them constantly in work. We move them from harvest to harvest, year on year.

Accomodation solutions, anywhere

We work with you to solve staffing accommodation issues – no matter how remote or isolated your location may be. Managing the logistics of transportation and accommodation is part of Agri Labour Australia’s complete workforce optimisation service.

Candidates with the right characteristics

When Agri Labour Australia recruits candidates for our Storage & Handling clients, we always look for the below qualities:

  • Conscientiousness around safety
  • An understanding/experience of harvest projects
  • Experience handling a commodity
  • The required skills or licence to operate certified machinery
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work under extreme weather conditions
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Attention to detail
  • A positive attitude


To manage expectations and minimise staff turnover, we always fully brief your workforce on the day-to-day realities of the job.

We ensure they understand the harshness of the Australian elements and let them know that fatigue management plans are in place, supported by a site-specific WHS plan.

Solving your top 5 staffing concerns

Our team is experienced at addressing issues associated with agriculture personnel, including:

  1. 吸引合适的员工
    Our vast digital and traditional network of engaged candidates with agriculture experience allows us to find suitable staff on short notice.
  2. Retaining staff for the entire harvest
    Agri Labour Australia’s candidate model allows us to control where our candidates work via a 12-month ‘harvest trail’. Retaining these candidates and continuously upskilling them month after month strengthens our workforce capabilities year on year. Staff are incentivised to stay the course, knowing they will not be put forward for the next project if they abandon the current one.
  3. Effectively managing staff to maximise productivity
  4. Ensuring the safety of all workers
    Continuously developing WHS systems is paramount to every project we are involved in. ALA prides itself on our safety record. We are ‘Best Practice Certified 180001’, which involves regular audits from external safety experts who scrutinise our systems to identify gaps. ALA works tirelessly with our clients to ensure risk is mitigated for both parties.
  5. 管理物流(住宿/运输/沟通)
    Working with the client, ALA manages these three processes to ensure suitability and reasonable cost.

Working across all agricultural industries



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